Saturday, April 20, 2013

"On The Border - A Post-War History of Our Music"

A Post-War Oral History of the Bands, Bookies, Agents, Performers, Producers, Club Owners, Fans, Hangers-On, Promoters, Nomads, Burn-Outs, Born-Agains, Techies and assorted Characters who knew the Windsor-Detroit music scene first-hand...

THE BOOK... tentatively titled "ON THE BORDER – A POST-WAR HISTORY OF OUR MUSIC", is in the research stage and with the assistance of publishing house Biblioasis Inc. and the Ontario Arts Council is set for release sometime in the near future. Our goal is to produce a high quality book intended to be part of the region's official history and musical legacy. We are currently compiling interviews and visual materials that will focus on the border city music scene during the years from the early 1950's to the present.

THE AUTHORS are eager to get your input in the form of stories, anecdotes, photographs, concert posters, newspaper clippings, all manner of memorabilia. The book is intended to be a visual history as well as a written one – so please start digging into those memorabilia collections – we'd love to see what you have from days gone.

Al Siegel's Elmwood Hotel & Casino, Windsor, Ontario, Canada –– postcard image circa 1951 –– "AND THE NIGHT SHALL BE FILLED WITH MUSIC... With Dancing to Jack Madden & His Orchestra"

Al Siegel's Elmwood Hotel & Casino, Windsor, Ontario, Canada –– a swizzle stick from circa 1951 –– from the world famous Elmwood Ambassador Room "... where the greatest stars of stage, screen and radio are spotlighted in lavishly staged reviews ..."