Monday, April 22, 2013

A Day in the Life of a DMA Booking Agent, circa 1969

INTERVIEW – Local booking agent from the late 60's recalling one of many anecdotes from his day job:

"The problem with my friend (name withheld) is that he did heroin...and I am strictly against any hard drugs, having dealt with it with know, Iggy Pop? That was bad enough...I mean, I one time found Iggy in a friggin' donut shop at 6am in the morning, passed out on a table with girls' gloves on up to the elbow, and girls' sunglasses on, and completely passed out. I was on my way to work, you know, I was trying to beat the traffic when I worked for DMA. So i went over to him, I says, ", if I go back to the office and tell them what I've seen here, they're not gonna be very impressed, you're not gonna be getting any work for a while...I mean, you're gonna have to chill this out..." so I gave him a ride home and dropped him off on the way to work...funny but that's kinda how things went in those days."

...excerpt from our interview with former booking agent for Diversified Management Agency (DMA), Detroit.

Detail of the concert poster for –– SUPER SESSION WINDSOR ARENA –– held on Sunday, September 20, 1970 with Talent Coordination by DMA, Windsor, Ontario.