Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Collecting & Hoarding.... keep it all coming folks!

ONGOING RESEARCH & BOOK PROGRESS -- The authors are continuing to collect many interesting interviews and seamy stories (some are suitable for printing), and plan to keep you updated here with those clips and photographs as we progress.  Whether you are a musician, a fan, or just a fly on the wall, we want to hear and see what you have from the distant and/or not-so-distant past.... please keep 'em coming folks!  Feel free to "CONTACT US" via the email link on the left.... many thanks for visiting!


Vintage Photo of the Day -- circa 1960's

NIRVANA - Grande Ballroom poster, promo photographs, concept drawing

You got it folks... Windsor, Ontario-based "NIRVANA" opened for PROCAL HARUM at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan, on Friday, May 17, 1968 -- The band was well known on the local circuit many years before the popular U.S. west coast band was formed.

Thanks go to the guys for the photographs, clippings, & associated stories (to follow)… the poster pencil drawing was done by Windsor, Ontario artist, Robert Fox